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Holiday pay / Wages!

07 Dec 2017, 10:46

Hello! I left royal mail on the Friday 10th November, I got told on that day that I would get everything I'm owed in my following weeks wage slip but I received nothing. I'm so fed up of trying to chase money I'm owed over the past 4 weeks. I've contacted the Union / managers but nothing seems to be getting done. Every week I'm on the phone to HR who are telling me nothing has been entered for next week so contact your manager, how many times do I have to ask? I just can't seem to get anywhere and everybody I've contacted keeps saying " yeah it'll be in next weeks wages slip, we've sorted it "

It's not just a couple of pound I'm owed, it's ££££.

Any advice on how I can sort this or who to contact? I've also contacted Moya but heard nothing back so far, Thanks Jordan

Holiday pay / Wages!

07 Dec 2017, 13:09

Send a grievance to your old office

Holiday pay / Wages!

07 Dec 2017, 13:13

Small claims court?

Holiday pay / Wages!

07 Dec 2017, 13:38

Jefferson Starfish wrote:Small claims court?

But in the first case a letter "mentioning it"

this site has a guide to sending letters to employers about unpaid wages. ... ge-dispute

Holiday pay / Wages!

07 Dec 2017, 15:46

Totally concur with TBT and Jefferson Starfish. Write to HR explaining that you have outstanding wages owed and if possible give an approximate figure that you have calculated that is owed to you. In your letter you can also include the outstanding wage increase from April 2017 as you were employed with the company from April to November. In this letter request an acknowledgement and give a date on which this information is required and failing this you are to proceed to a small claims court to recover your monies and if successful the legal costs will be borne by RM.

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