Bandero shoes

10 Nov 2017, 08:50

Anyone know what's going on with these. I asked my DOM to order me a pair and she said they aren't available to order. Today I've looked on my own on the site and she was right. They aren't there. Only easy flex, magnum and anvils are available. But people in my office have them

Bandero shoes

10 Nov 2017, 12:50

They've probably just run out of all sizes, I'd keep looking daily if I were you and as soon as they crop up again get them ordered.

Bandero shoes

10 Nov 2017, 17:55

going by whats happened at our gaff,,,,,,and yes im probably wrong......

the bandero shoes firstly were smaller Im size so we were all returning them for the next size up.....
2nd after a couple of weeks we now have several,,,an I meant 6 or 7 lads out of 50 ish in the office with bandero shoes that have fell apart or soles worn quicker than anything we worn out b4 LOL...split were they bend with your foot etc

my opinion is they look good but are really crapply made.

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