backdated holidays not paid

11 Sep 2017, 16:32

need help
joined royal mail 17 years ago was full time but left 5 years ago for 9 months came back part time went on to part time holiday allowance 13.5 days but did not know that I should have kept my full time allowance so should have had 23 - 26 days allowance. so there fore over the last 5 years have allocated 32 days have all paper work to prove it. they have said I have to take these holidays over the next 2 years but I know this will not happen as there is never enough gaps. and not happy to do so. I was told this had happened to some one else and they were given the money instead so I need to prove this if I can then I might get some where at the moment I have been fighting this case for nearly a year. getting desperate thanks

backdated holidays not paid

11 Sep 2017, 16:45

Full time annual leave allowance on part time hours?

Surely that can't be right?

backdated holidays not paid

11 Sep 2017, 17:04

wacko74 wrote:Full time annual leave allowance on part time hours?

Surely that can't be right?

Your annual leave allocation is calculated on your length of service, all periods of service, and not on your contracted hours.

In answer to the original question:
If you had been given your due holidays then you wouldn't have been paid for them.
Why do you think you should be paid for them now?
Maybe somebody can find you a precedent but I would be surprised. You shouldn't be allowed to "sell" any of your annual leave.

backdated holidays not paid

11 Sep 2017, 18:20

I know your annual leave entitlement increases with length of service but the op here is saying he's entitled to full time allocation of leave when he only works part time isn't he?

That's what I'm saying surely can't be right?

backdated holidays not paid

11 Sep 2017, 18:50

his total amount of days his entitled to with length of service his entitled to it, if his on a pt contract now those days are paid at pt hours........

so not a 8 hour shift but a 5 etc...but the amount of days does not change at all just how many hours paid each day.

to the op booking holiday is bad enough as it is, if there being ackward about it and not giving you the days you want in say a a 2 weeks straight holiday, you can be ackward and ask for every sat off for the next 6 months , or a Wednesday as you need to take these days off within a 2 year period.

good luck

backdated holidays not paid

11 Sep 2017, 18:52

Ah right, get it (sort of)!

backdated holidays not paid

12 Sep 2017, 15:25

we do not work in days for holidays any more it is in hours - so he should receive the maximum hours according to his contract hours - ie the maximum for f/t is 234 hours per year - however your shifts are designed ( ie longs/shorts 3 week on one week off) a person working 7.48 per day would receive 6 weeks - a person working say a 52 hour week ( 3 on 1 off) would use the same hours but works out at 4.5 weeks, a person working 5 hours per day would have 150 hours but it would still equate to 6 weeks

so it depends on how many hours per day is used and what days are booked as holidays- different days could have different hours which is why the holidays are now worked out this way instead of straight days - if someone has a long Friday but a short Saturday they could book more Saturdays off than Fridays.

so it is not as straightforward as being owed x amount of days

but in answer to the other question the only time holidays are paid are when they are paid in leui of notice

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