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11 Sep 2017, 13:02

We are currently implementing a software upgrade for all PDAs to update the operating system and prepare devices for any future application and software releases.

A fix to prevent the security certificate from being removed will also be deployed to resolve issues with scans becoming stuck on some devices.

A number of sites have already received the update with around 10,000 devices having so far been upgraded without any issues reported.

Between 1 and 25 September, all PDAs which have not yet been upgraded will receive the new software on site-specific activation dates.

If you are unaware of the activation time and date for your site, please speak to your manager. The software will be downloaded onto your PDA the day before your activation date. It will then be automatically activated during a quiet period on the day itself.

What do you need to do?

Prior to the scheduled activation time, sites MUST ENSURE THAT ALL PDA’S ARE DOCKED AND SWITCHED ON. If PDAs are not docked in their charging cradles the software will not be activated on the PDA.

How will you know if the software upgrade has been successful?

Once the upgrade has been installed two differences will be noticeable to the user - neither of which will affect the normal operating of the device.

The initial start-up screen displayed when the PDA is first turned on will be different
The warning triangle found at the top of the screen will no longer be visible
Are there any potential issues, and how will they be resolved?

Q What will happen if someone is using the device during the software activation period?
A The upgrade is due outside of operational hours but if a device is in use the upgrade will not take place until the PDA is docked in the charging cradle.
Q What if the device isn’t switched on?
A The PDA will update when the device is next switched on and docked in its charging cradle.
If the upgrade is unsuccessful on any device please log a ticket with the PDA service desk in the usual way.


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