19 May 2017, 20:09

I'm sure I am just worrying about nothing, but.....
Ok, so I started an hour early today (8 o'clock) got moved off my usual walk onto a different walk, which wasn't prepped, nor was it's paired walk. The newbie who was with me had never prepped this walk even though he had been on it all week, it's always been tied up and ready to go when he gets in at 9. Anyway, so we evtially get everything sorted, tied and bagged by half 10! I tried to chuck the specials back but there was no one to do them, so I had to do them first of all to make sure we got there on time. We started delivering by 11! Finally got back to the office at half 4, however I forgot to take the lapsing and I forgot to mention to the DOM in the morning that we weren't doing it. Now considering we went majorly over, and completed the 2 walks, will I get told off about forgetting the lapsing?!? Bit concerned really as Ifeel there is an expectation to remember everything even when we have high sickness and I'm long weekend now!


19 May 2017, 20:18

Don't worry about it.

It's somebody's role in the office to do a clear frame check. So anything left should have been picked up and the DOM/LINO would have been made aware, and they could have contacted you accordingly.


19 May 2017, 20:48

Don't think you need to worry. It was clear to see that you would be going over your time and absorption is supposedly only done when someone finishes early. You worked over and cleared up your walks so in theory you have already done them a favour. :hmmmm


19 May 2017, 21:28

Thanks guys, re assuring to hear. I'm sure as you say someone would have called/text if there was an issue. As I know one of the managers on has my mobile!


19 May 2017, 23:50

No worries, there's plenty of people in our office who just bundle up their own round and go out leaving the lapsing behind without speaking to a manager because they are fed up with the hassle of arguing over it and the pressure put on them to take it.

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