Duty holding

16 May 2017, 21:12

Apparently there is a clause (somewhere) that states if you have been delivering a vacant duty for at least two years, you have first refusal on the duty when it becomes officially available.

Is this a fact?

Many thanks in advance for any info?

Duty holding

17 May 2017, 00:02

No, it's not a fact and the duty should not of been vacant for 2 years! ...
14.3 The process for resourcing full-time and part-time, non-specialist posts will comprise one of four options, in the following order, unless agreed locally to change this order:

Internal advertisement of the job within the currently recognised resourcing unit/s.
Deployment of existing surplus employees.
The acceptance of an existing employee from the wider resourcing area or another resourcing area who has previously had his/her name placed on the transfer list for that resourcing unit.
External advertisement.

14.4 Where a full-time post is advertised internally, it will be available to all full-time employees and part-time employees, who have opted for full-time employment, in that resourcing unit. The posts will be filled on the basis of ‘most senior individual’. Where a part-time post is advertised internally, it will be available to all employees as above and filled in the same way.

14.5 The resulting vacancy will be temporarily filled by a reserve, a surplus employee, a transferee from within the wider resourcing area or another resourcing area or by direct recruitment in line with the process above.

14.6 When the number of consequential vacancies in the resourcing unit reaches 5%, or after a period of six months following the last such exercise (if earlier), the posts will be advertised in the resourcing unit, en bloc and filled on the basis of seniority. If this results in any further vacancies, these will be filled, using the same process as above.

14.7 Existing part-time employees, in post at the date of this Agreement, will be asked if they have an interest in full-time employment. A list will be maintained of these employees. Part-time employees on the list will be eligible to apply for internally-advertised posts, alongside full-time employees. They would then pick up the post based on their seniority. If unsuccessful they will be eligible to apply for future jobs advertised internally until appointed.

14.8 Where a full-time vacancy is advertised externally, all part-time staff will be able to express an interest. They will not have a right to the vacancy and will be considered alongside external applicants using the same criteria. Where unsuccessful, the reason will be explained in writing and they will be invited to discuss this with their line manager. They will remain in their current post and will have the opportunity to apply for future externally advertised full-time vacancies.

WAY FORWARD AGREEMENT 2000 page 27 of the doc...

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