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ANGARD STAFFING :Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est

Angard Staffing Agency are an in-house recruitment agency within Royal Mail.

We hope this 'unofficial' forum will be of help to those already working for Royal Mail with the agency, for those who are looking for work with Royal Mail, and for agency staff to use the forum as a means to pass on their hard earned knowledge and experience to those that might find it useful.

Please note we do not have anyone from Angard on the site in an official capacity, we are an 'Independent Postal Workers Website'.

Please do not use our contact form to contact us as we will not be able to contact you back.

Please register for the site and use the Angard forum where there will be others in your position who will be able to help you, and where there are many threads with helpful information, including contact numbers and e-mail addresses for Angard.

Angard Staffing

"Angard Staffing fulfil Royal Mail's requirements for flexible resource by managing a "pool" of employees that are supplied on assignments ranging from a single-shift cover to longer assignments covering a number of weeks."

"Angard will recruit for specific positions as required by Royal Mail Group Operations, but will also advertise for applicants to join their employee "pool" to be recruited ready for deployment on assignment within a geographic area.

Following the completion of an employee contract with Angard, successful applicants will join the Angard employee pool, and will subsequently by contacted by Angard in relation to specific assignments.

Whilst the amount of work is not guaranteed, Angard will endeavour to keep employees engaged on assignments that fit with the individual's preferences."

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