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Royal Mail employment policies are designed to provide information on what you can expect as an employee of Royal Mail.(Updated 2016)

Royal Mail have developed summaries on the policies colleagues most frequently ask about. The at-a-glance summaries give an overview of the key parts of the policies so you can quickly find the information you need.

The policies are available from, the intranet and are also in the public domain through search engines, we have published them here for easy access, excuse the cheeky copy/paste, they include...

• Time off: annual holiday

• Time off: other leave

• Sick pay

• Attendance

• Being a parent

• Flexible working

See all the policies Here...

Registered members of the site have access to the full agreements in our downloads forum.


LTB 236/17 - New CWU Website

LTB240/17 - Joint Statement between Royal Mail Letters and Network and the CWU on Driver Career Path Next Steps and Training Selection Principles (2017)

news on industrial action

Stage 3 warning up for dismissal

Tuesdays off.

Minor Accident


Mark Baulch new outdoor secretary interview

LTB 220/17 - Four Pillars: Presentation Slides from National Briefing 28th March 2017 (1)

Annual Conference 2017 - Emergency Motion by London and a number of other Branch's and South Central Division and Anglia

Doing 2 Separate Royal Mail Jobs

LTB 219/17 - Annual Conference 2017 - Emergency Motion No 1 - Four Pillars of Security

One-legged grandad confronted armed robbers in post office raid

Postal strike action ends in Kilmarnock after workers meet Royal Mail bosses

Forensic accountants appointed to pore over Post Office IT scandal

Whitford postman's stamp of approval

Popular postie dies

Postman makes dreams come true for toddler

Dad tried to send GBP2,000 worth of drugs in the post

Postman Nick prepares for his sixth mammoth challenge for charity

Why Is Princess Kate Putting a Headband on Her Mailbox

Lincolnshire Christmas cards arrive 16 months later on Saturday

Llangollen postwoman who has twice battled cancer braves the shave for charity

Is it a bird, or a plane No it's Postman

BEUMER to extend parcel sorting system at UK Mails Coventry hub

London delivery startup Doddle is closing most of its stores after burning through tens of millions of pounds

Hermes deliveries grow 10% in a year across Europe

Union charges NZ Post with 'serious misconduct'

Massive blaze rips through Arrow XL delivery warehouse as 'major incident' declared

Outcry from residents after Yodel delivery vans blight Stapleford streets

New Zealand Post's electric postal buggies crash 30 times in a year

Chicken run: New Zealand Post will start delivering KFC to beat mail slump

Hermes trials autonomous robot in London

Deutsche Post DHL to double StreetScooter production capacity

Royal Mail strike ballot to go ahead unless pension scheme closure reversed

Royal Mail Pension Decision - CWU's Ray Ellis on Sky News

CWU counter (Wage in Retirement Scheme) pension proposal

Transfer your DB pension?

Simon English Royal Mail's pension cheque isn't in the post

Arrears of PSE Adj RMPP C

Fightback against Royal Mail pension attack needed

Will postal workers union deliver a fight over Royal Mail's pension robbery

Original Bonusplan estimate was wishful thinking!



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