Reserved rights for ex PHGs and pension consultation

09 Jan 2017, 14:07

I have written an e mail to Dave Ward and the DGS re "The Way Forward agreement of 2000"
In 2000 Royal Mail entered into an agreement with the CWU combining postmen/women and PHG into a single grade called "The Way forward". One of the elements of that agreement was that ex PHGs would retain shift allowances and that they would be "retained indefinitely ON THE SAME BASIS" Night shift workers had greater protection and as long as they stayed on the night shift for a certain number of years without a break, then that night allowance would remain fully pensionable and "retained indefinitely ON THE SAME BASIS" . The same applied for the £20 ex PHG allowance. I am sure you have this agreement on file. If you don't I have a copy. I will attach the relevant page and will furnish you with a full copy if you wish. Night shift allowance with these grandad rights is worth £5000 in pensionable pay to me. Other ex PHGs on various shifts are all also protected. Could you please ask our legal department to review the "way forward" agreement and confirm that I am right about these grandad rights. I have told Jon Millidge (head of HR) about these protections and he has said he will look into it , having copied Douglas Hamilton into his reply to me
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Reserved rights for ex PHGs and pension consultation

09 Jan 2017, 15:29

Be interested to hear a reply from this. LGC drivers,that were ex PHG's have already lost their £20 ex PHG pay and full pensionable night rate, even though they are performing uniform grade duties. Dunno how CWU allowed this to happen. For the moment MGV (7.5T) drivers ,still get their reserved rights ,paid as MGV r's . MGV with reserved rights.
I also understood way forward agreement to read. PHG's had to remain on nights and on old PHG duties for 2 years to retain their reserved pensionable rights.After 2 years provided we performed operational grade duties, night allowance and ex PHG pay would be pensionable until retirement. Another attempt to get rid of the ORR (Operational reserved rights grade). Without costing the business a penny.

Reserved rights for ex PHGs and pension consultation

09 Jan 2017, 15:54

Hope you get some satisfaction from HQ/CWU but this cannot be dealt in isolation..
As page 10 of the Way Forward also states..

Reserved rights for ex PHGs and pension consultation

09 Jan 2017, 16:21

On another note!!
Why would the CWU agree to any of the pensionable allowances being removed, its not a cost cutting exorcise so the plan document would have us all to believe..
This is the first hurdle that the CWU negotiators can "kick into touch" and move on..
The rest is a bit more tricky!!!!!!

Reserved rights for ex PHGs and pension consultation

11 Jan 2017, 10:51

I spoke to the Dep Gen Sec office just now and they have said a letter is being drafted in response to the "reserved rights" issues for ex PHGs I have raised that another ex PHG brought to my attention. Will it be positive or not?

Reserved rights for ex PHGs and pension consultation

Today, 07:49


Stephen Walkland
Senior Pensions Manager
Pensions Strategy Team
Royal Mail Group Ltd
3rd Floor
100 Victoria Embankment
London EC4Y 0HQ

has informed me that Royal Mail's legal department is looking into this area of reserved rights allowances for PHGs protected under the "way forward" of 2000.