Transfer help/information please

18 Apr 2017, 18:11

Hi I have been working for RM for 7 months now, and want to transfer from my current office to my home town delivery office for various reasons. Please could anyone help me as to how I go about this please, as quite confused as to how I do this? Thanks.

Transfer help/information please

18 Apr 2017, 19:31

Work your day off in the office you want to go to, make it known to the manager you're interested in transferring, wait for a vacancy to come up.

Or look on success factors for official vacancies.

Transfer help/information please

18 Apr 2017, 20:46

you have been in the job for over 6 months so your DOM can't block your transfer.

when an official vacancy comes up in the office you want to move to and you have applied for it, you will have a wait of no more than 4 weeks before your transfer goes through.

Make sure you are not on any stage warnings for sickness etc.

had someone wanting to move to our office and the DOM at the other end did not want to let them move, but they can't stop it if it's done officially.

Good Luck :thumbup

Transfer help/information please

Yesterday, 22:00

Did you have any luck? I'm looking to transfer as well and applied for a vacancy on the 24th of March. Did the online tests and haven't heard anything since! Is that normal? Can't seem to find a phone number I can use to chase it up.

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